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Management Restructure

A total management restructure at Middlesbrough-based Close Protection Security (CPS) has pled to the appointment of a new operations director and promotions for three of the company's outstanding employees. Managing director Glenn Bartlett has appointed Sam Gibson, who was head hunted after impressing Glenn while both were on task with a government party back in 2015. ''Sam was actually my boss at the time,'' says Glenn. ''He's brilliant at his job and will be an outstanding ops director.''

Danny Hartop, Dave White and Mark O'Neill have also been appointed as Operations managers. '' Danny, Mark and Dave have come up though the ranks,'' says Glenn. ''I believe there's a ladder to climb here at CPS and hard work will be rewarded. '' These three guys are off the ground now and in full managerial positions, liaising with other staff and heading up response. Its a great promotion for them and very well deserved.''

'' To have four guys working directly under me who I can trust implicitly is very reassuring.'' For Glenn the discipline offered by ex-military personnel such as those he has just promoted makes them perfect for security work. He explains. '' Sam was a corporal for 11 years in the Royal Marines, Mark was in the Parachute Regiment/RDG Tank Regiment, Dave a Green Howard and Danny was in the REME. They get things done, they know their stuff.

''As well as being physically and mentally fit, skilled and alert, they are proud of their appearance and instantly recognisable as part of the elite CPS team. ''The guys represent our clients, so their first impressions do count,'' adds Glenn. ''Their shirts and trousers are always ironed and their boots polished. Boro boss Neil Warnock joked saying it was the best-looking security team he had seen! ''In all seriousness, the fact that we have personal recommendations from some very high-profile people speaks volumes for the quality of service the team provide.''

The promotions come at a time when the fortunes of CPS continue to rise. Since relocation to Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park (TeesAMP), the company has attracted much attention, having already sealed contracts with such blue-chip brands as Middlesbrough Football Club, Teesside International Airport, AV Dawson, Scott Bros, Cleveland Fire Brigade and Rockcliffe Hall. Recent partnership acquisitions include Wilton-based tunnelling specialists Strabag, for whom CPS is providing security driving and progressing business in the near future.

Thanks to recommendations from AV Dawson MD Gary Dawson, CPS also now looks after the security needs of every business on Bowes Road Industrial Estate. ''Ultimately, we'd like to look after the whole of Riverside Park'' says Glenn. ''It makes sense really since we have two canine units permanently on site at the Riverside seven days a week and a response time of one-to-three-minutes - that's faster than the police.''

A highly anticipated Close Protection Security Training Academy in Boho Six has also opened its doors and got off to a flying start, thanks to annual partnership with Middlesbrough College. ''We train ten Middlesbrough College students a week in all aspects of security work - from close protection to door work. . There are still spaces on that course if anyone wants to contact the college , but we are still offering our own course too.'' Fees for the week-long private course are £200, with a further £190 for a licence on successful completion of the course.

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