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Close Protection Security Ltd is an industry-leading security company based in the North East of England. Established in 2017 by Glenn Bartlett, Close Protection Security Ltd works closely with the public and private sectors and are expert suppliers to a wide range of industries. The company offers a comprehensive range of security services including security guards, key holding and alarm response, CCTV monitoring, event security, mobile patrols and Close Protection Officers.

Our staff hold the relevant qualifications needed to work within the industry and, in addition to this, we provide continuous professional development.

We offer high quality security and we believe that all of our clients deserve an exceptional service that caters to their unique and varying needs.

Glenn Bartlett

Managing Director

Glenn started in the security industry at the age of 18, working as a door supervisor at the famous Tall Trees Nightclub and at many venues around the north east for 10 years. He found he had a natural attitude for security and branched out into the Film and TV industry, increasing both his network and his experience. This paved the way for Glenn to combine his practical knowledge of security with his love of cars and start a security driving and chauffeur business for the Film and TV industry. After working in the film/tv industry Glenn then went onto working at Government level which is where he met Sam Gibson who was his boss, Years later Glenn called Sam and asked him to join his team at CPS, in 2019 they joined forces and Sam now works along side Glenn as Operations Director for Close Protection Security.

In 2017 Glenn formed Close Protection Security Ltd and has progressed to a new Headquarters which consists of a training academy a gym and now another company under the CPS banner, CPS Auto Repairs.
In total Glenn now employs over 68 staff.


Shaun Wood
Operations Director

Shaun joined Close Protection Security in January 2022 after a long successful career at Teesside international airport, Shaun completed 37 years exemplary service working his way up to airport manager and operations director, Shaun left Teesside airport with a wealth of experience in man management, a working knowledge of business systems and experience in all aspects of security, from conception to implementation, Shaun brings a new vision and emphasis to aid in the restructuring and advancement for the future of Close Protection Security Ltd.


Passion, Determination & Leadership

To aim to be the leading security company in North-East means counting on a team of committed and dedicated people.

Our work ethic, our passion for doing a good job and our determination to provide the best possible security are what sets us apart from the crowd.

Close Protection Security offers a set of security services and facility management solutions that will cover a wide range of needs.

Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols, Dog Handling and Alarm Response are just a small portion of what we do..


 Whatever your security needs are, with Close Protection Security you will have everything under one roof.

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